An affordable and effective strategy for Tier IV compliance.

CleanFlex technology offer a number of environmental benefits, especially related to emissions.

CleanFlex technology has a positive effect on diesel combustion in two significant ways. First, the dual-fuel mix cools combustion temperatures, which lowers the level of nitrous oxide (NOx). Second, the ethanol in the dual-fuel mix adds oxygen to the fuel, which lowers the level of particulate matter (PM).

By reducing the amount of NOx in the fuel, CleanFlex technology allows engines to utilize more exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), which further reduces NOx—and actually meets Tier IV Final regulations!

The 120-proof ethanol in the dual-fuel mix helps displace the use of diesel fuel with a greener, cleaner, renewable biofuel. By optimizing the use of ethanol, the CleanFlex system—and the companies that use it—helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels while improving energy security, the national economy and the quality of our environment.

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