Lower emissions and increased horsepower for the nation’s railroads.

The railroad industry utilizes more than 6 billion gallons of diesel fuel each year, so even a one percent increase in fuel efficiency can provide huge returns.   Additionally, complying with EPA emissions standards is a costly venture in the railroad industry—as is the cost to replace a locomotive engine.

CleanFlex technology is especially well suited for use on locomotive engines, where horsepower and fuel efficiency are key concerns.  Retrofitting CleanFlex technology on a locomotive is a relatively simple process that affords huge returns in performance, engine life and cost savings.

Having the 120-proof ethanol blend on hand at rail fueling facilities is typically not a hurdle.

CleanFlex is currently working with two Class A railroads at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, to prove how the CleanFlex retrofit can apply to diesel locomotive engines.  The results are extremely promising.