The Fuel

An innovative pre-combustion mix of diesel, ethanol and water.

The CleanFlex system mixes diesel fuel with 120-proof ethanol (60% ethanol/40% water) in a ratio of 85% diesel and 15% ethanol blend. We call this blend CF120. Through its dual tank system, CleanFlex introduces CF120 at the pre-combustion stage, making it compatible with vehicles that already have post-combustion emission control systems.

Diesel-water emulsions are known as environmentally favorable alternatives to conventional diesel fuel. The drawback with previous technology is the tendency of the emulsion to separate in the tank and the injectors.

CleanFlex eliminates these concerns by employing an innovative dual-fuel technology that achieves the same benefits of diesel-water emulsion, while also incorporating a more stable tank mix. CF120 will not freeze or demulsify—and this mix resists chemical breakdown and provides a longer storage life compared to diesel and gasoline fuels.

The ethanol in the fuel also helps the fuel combust more completely and helps the engine run considerably cooler—up to 150-200 degrees cooler. The cooler operating temperatures help extend engine life and reduce maintenance costs. Increased lubricity of the fuel also makes for longer engine life, reduced friction and lower maintenance and repair costs.

The use of ethanol in the CleanFlex system also makes use of a domestic, renewable fuel that helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels—while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to its dual-tank setup, the CleanFlex system allows both tanks to work on biofuels—one with the CF120 120-proof ethanol blend and the other with blended biodiesel (B5 or B20).