The Science

Other technologies focus on post-treatment. CleanFlex stops the problem altogether.

The groundbreaking technology and innovation behind CleanFlex Power Systems is revolutionizing the way diesel emissions are managed and controlled. While other technologies such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) or diesel particulate filters (DPFs) simply “clean” emissions, CleanFlex actually eliminates greenhouse gas emissions. CleanFlex technology is an optimized HCCI (Homogenous Charged Compression Ignition) Fuel-Coolant Induction System for widespread use in existing and new diesel engine systems.

The fuel delivery innovation behind CleanFlex technology can provide cleaner and more efficient solutions to help diesel engine users comply with Tier III and Tier IV emission reduction mandates. CleanFlex technology actually prevents the formation of NOx and particulate matter (PM) by creating a dual-fuel mixture prior to combustion. It is a carbon neutral solution that helps diesel engine users address the challenges of Tier IV complicance.

CleanFlex Power Systems technology contains a sophisticated computerized emissions control system for diesel engines that optimizes the combination of 120-proof ethanol (60% ethanol, 40% water) with diesel fuel. The system is compatible with diesel equipment that may have already been retrofitted with diesel particulate filters and/or oxidation catalysts.