The powerful solution to EPA Tier IV emissions compliance.

Lower emissions • Greater horsepower • Longer engine life • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels • Biorenewable energy • Can use with biodiesel

CleanFlex Power Systems, LLC, is revolutionizing the approach to reducing diesel engine emissions. CleanFlex technology uses a sophisticated computerized emissions control system for diesel engines—off-road, highway and rail.  Using a unique dual-tank, dual-fuel system, CleanFlex combines 120-proof ethanol (60% ethanol/40% water) with diesel fuel—prior to combustion—to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve fuel efficiency, increase horsepower and lower engine operating temperatures. CleanFlex technology provides a practical and affordable system for both new and existing diesel engines that offers significant benefits:

  • Reduces NOx by 45-70%
  • Reduces particulate matter (PM) by 80%+
  • Also reduces CO and CO2
  • Increases energy efficiency by up to 30%
  • Increases horsepower by up to 25% (with proper configuration)
  • Lowers engine operating temperature by 150-200 degrees

If you operate diesel engines, you owe it to yourself to discover more about CleanFlex Power Systems, LLC.